• Recipe Guru Team

Why is cooking skills content an important part of your marketing strategy?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

62% of us now cook more meals from scratch than we did in 2019 and yet 47% of millennials don't know how to cook three meals from scratch. Even more surprisingly, two-thirds of UK adults don't know how to boil an egg. With continued uncertainly surrounding out-of-home eating opportunities caused by the pandemic, this gap in cooking skills is a real issue. Recipe content can help, of course, but for those who find cooking difficult or intimidating, a little more hand-holding can mean the difference between grabbing a ready meal and making a simple dish from scratch. This is where cooking skills content comes in, serving as a natural companion to recipe content. With such a significant number of people struggling with the basics, skills content has the potential to grab and keep the attention of aspiring home cooks.

What is cooking skills content?

'Cooking skills content' refers to any content that teaches home cooks how to complete various cooking tasks and processes, such as chopping an onion or spatchcocking a chicken. While recipe content walks home cooks through the process of creating a meal, cooking skills content gives home cooks more in-depth knowledge, zoning in on just one of the processes and increasing their confidence in the kitchen.

What are the benefits of cooking skills content?

  • Increase basket value as consumers become more familiar with cooking processes and through upselling. E.g. fresh herbs versus dried

  • Foster loyalty and drive brand awareness by adding true value

  • Brand collaboration opportunities with cookware manufacturers