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Recipe Resources For Cooking During Covid-19 Self-Isolation

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

We all cook differently here in Recipe Guru. CEO Niamh has grocery shopping down to a fine art, picking up more or less the same groceries every week. When you always know what food you have in the house, cooking every evening seems like less of a chore, particularly when you're cooking for a mix of meat-eaters and vegetarians. I order my groceries online, choosing at least one new recipe a week and falling back on old reliables that suit both me and my sometimes picky husband the rest of the time. At the weekends I like to tackle something a little more time-consuming, like making pasta. Our CCO Dunstan lives in New York, where he balances his love of cooking (and cookbook collection) with easy access to dine-out options. (If you're looking for Italian restaurant recommendations in New York when things get back to normal, hit him up.) Unsurprisingly, Covid-19 means things have changed a little over the last couple of weeks. Restaurants are closing, grocery stores are struggling to keep up with the demand for essentials even with a healthy supply chain and people are limiting trips to the grocery store.

Despite this Covid-19 disruption, we still need to eat. Some of us are getting to grips with cooking for the first time. Others are adapting their plans on the fly because they can't get the ingredients they need. My online grocery orders are becoming a bit of a lucky dip, with products that were available when I ordered selling out before the groceries are delivered. (My local Tesco is doing an amazing job, substituting products whenever possible.)

Whether you're new to cooking or trying to figure out what to do with the ingredients you have in your pantry, these recipe resources will help add a little certainty to an uncertain situation.


Our friends at Drop have worked hard to build a connected cooking solution that guides even novice cooks through the process. With over 2000 recipes, the Drop app covers all your Covid-19 self-isolation essentials from bread-baking and batch cooking to one-pot-wonders and cocktails. (A cocktail or two may well feel like an essential to many right now. No judgement!) The app works with several appliances too, including Instant Pot and Thermomix. This is the app to turn to if you're looking for reliable guided recipe content. Find Drop here.


You might be new to online groceries, but if you manage to nab yourself a delivery or pickup slot, Whisk helps make the experience that bit easier. You probably have plenty of time on your hands right now to browse through recipes online. Once you come across one you'd like to make, save it to your Whisk recipe box and when you're ready to shop, you can add the ingredients to your shopping cart in just a couple of clicks. Whisk works with the likes of Amazon Fresh, Tesco and Instacart. Once you've built a collection of recipes, online grocery shopping becomes that bit more efficient. Find Whisk here.


Your grocery order has arrived and it's missing a few items. That Nasi Goreng you had planned probably isn't going to work without rice! Luckily the Chefling app can suggest recipes based on the ingredients you have to hand. It also helps you keep track of your pantry so that when it's time to make a grocery list, you'll know that you already have three kilos of pasta and probably don't need to buy more. Find Chefling here.


Many of SideChef's recipes come from bloggers, and they follow the same format you'll be used to if you've come across blogger recipes in the past. That means plenty of images, giving you step-by-step guidance if you're new to cooking. SideChef is also integrated with Amazon Fresh for grocery delivery and their blog makes for interesting reading if you need a break from Netflix. Find SideChef here.

BBC Food

Today, BBC announced a series of initiatives to help the public deal with the many issues Covid-19 has presented us with, including feeding ourselves:

"We will retarget the BBC Food website around collections of recipes and advice on what can be made with essentials, especially for older people, and for low-income families."

If you're looking at a store-cupboard full of ingredients, this might be the option for you. Find BBC Food here.

Here in Recipe Guru, we're working remotely and continuing to provide our customers with recipe content. You'll find us here on Twitter or send me an email at jane@therecipeguru.com and I'll get back to you.

Stay safe and happy cooking.