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Recipe Guru and ChannelSight announce strategic partnership to unlock the power of recipes

Recipe Guru and ChannelSight announce strategic partnership to help global brands and retailers translate increasing levels of recipe content engagement into positive commercial outcomes.

ChannelSight, the leading ecommerce intelligence solutions provider for brands and Recipe Guru, a global provider of enhanced, curated recipe content for food and smart kitchen brands have announced a partnership aimed at driving better brand engagement and measurability via recipe content.

The recent unprecedented shift towards home cooking as a necessity has given rise to a number of challenges for brands and consumers. Product scarcity is a particular issue and consumers are cooking with unfamiliar ingredients, lower budgets and varying cooking skills. Search interest in ‘how to make sourdough starter from scratch’ was up 4,750% over the past 90 days, while product limitations mean that searches for ‘pantry recipes’ increased 250% in the same period. At the same time, adoption of online grocery solutions is soaring. The opportunity for brands to connect with consumers using recipe content is at its peak. The partnership between Recipe Guru and ChannelSight enables brands to adopt an end to end shoppable recipes solution at a critical time.

Shoppable recipes have been gaining traction for a number of years now, however they have often been far-removed from e-grocery. A lack of curation and options to purchase products has led to many brands losing sales to competitors, and users copy-and-pasting recipes into google to find relevant products to cook with. Niamh Sterling, CEO Recipe Guru explains:

With more home-cooks of all skill-levels confined to their kitchens than before, now is the optimal moment to announce this partnership. With a view to combining the expertise in recipe sourcing, curation and creation from Recipe Guru, alongside ChannelSight’s ecommerce know-how and capabilities, we are offering a powerful end to end commerce-enabled recipe ecosystem for brands and retailers that want to increase their digitally influenced sales online and off, positioning themselves as a destination for reliable recipe inspiration, know-how and ingredients for their B2B and B2C customers. Putting the right recipe in front of the right person at the right time has always been a focus for Recipe Guru, and ChannelSight will further enhance this offering with clear and precise measurability of its commercial impact for brands.

Niall O’Gorman, Head of Strategic Alliances, Partnerships & Co-Founder at ChannelSight said “The timing has never been better to harness the power of ChannelSight to help translate the high engagement rates into commercial outcomes for global brands and retailers who source their recipe content from Recipe Guru to inspire and delight their digital shoppers across all owned, earned and paid digital media platforms.”

Niamh Sterling, CEO at Recipe Guru said “We are excited to partner with ChannelSight to bring recipes from our global publishers to life. This partnership means we can jointly deliver a seamless end to end solution of the very best in global shoppable recipe content, with deep consumer insights and a more relevant, frictionless shopper experiences to our FMCG, kitchenware, grocery retail and connected kitchen brands”

About ChannelSight

ChannelSight enables global brands to improve conversion rates by optimising every stage of the consumer buying journey. Our ecommerce intelligence platform connects brands, retailers and the consumer in one end-to-end platform, delivering insights into how users are engaging with digital content and how this influences sales at partner retailers. Brands gain the ability to take data-driven decisions that maximise return-on-investment from future marketing activity across all digital channels. The company was founded by John Beckett and Niall O’Gorman in 2013 and works with hundreds of brands in 65 countries. For more information visit

About Recipe Guru

Recipe Guru is the trusted partner of leading global publishers, influencers, celebrity chefs and nutritionists to digitise and syndicate their recipe content. We licence white-label and chef-branded recipe content to grocery retailers, food brands, IOT/connected kitchen appliance manufacturers, content agencies and digital food media organisations. We create fresh revenue streams for cookbook publishers and their back catalogues while lifting the burden of recipe content creation for our customers with our cost-effective and time-saving solution. For more information visit

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