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Leverage Consumer Insights to Grow eCommerce Grocery

This is a guest post by Natasha Arora and Conor Purdy from ChannelSight, an eCommerce intelligence platform and Recipe Guru partner to make recipe content shoppable.

ChannelSight is an eCommerce intelligence platform that has worked with numerous global brands around the world. Recipe Guru is a provider of enhanced, curated recipe content from the top 3 global publishers to FMCG, CPG, grocery, smart kitchen & food services brands. Earlier this year we announced a partnership between ChannelSight and Recipe Guru to drive brand engagement for recipe content. ChannelSight provides a seamless end-to-end solution for shoppable recipes enabling recipe content to become a revenue stream.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to several key changes in our normal lives, some which will stay beyond COVID-19. With the increased adoption of eCommerce and online grocery shopping, a key area of interest has been shoppable recipes. Not only has interest in recipes soared in the past couple of months, but there is a gap in the ease of shopping for ingredients for these recipes. Often, consumers don’t have all the products at home for the recipes and hence shoppable recipes are becoming increasingly popular. In this blog, we explain how your recipes can become revenue generators through a seamless shopping experience for users and more.

How can food brands turn recipes into revenue generators?

Once your brand has licenced shoppable recipe content through Recipe Guru, you can drive increased interest in grocery eCommerce and higher basket values. In addition, your brand has the option of driving conversions through that recipe along with a smooth and seamless consumer journey. How, you ask?

ChannelSight’s solution enables brands to embed a call-to-action within the recipe. This drives consumers further down the funnel by motivating them to move from inspiration to a conversion.

Let’s consider this scenario:

Brand A has a number of shoppable recipes, they also have enabled ChannelSight’s Where-To-Buy solution. This enables the brand to offer consumers the choice to shop from their preferred retailers when the consumer clicks on the “Buy Now” button.

The consumer chooses their preferred retailer and is directed to the relevant website to complete their purchase. Simultaneously, ChannelSight will record all available click-IDs passed through its service. The solution also collects vital consumer and sales insights, sending this data back to the brand in real-time.

The image below shows an example of how the data will be presented as ChannelSight tracks multiple consumer journeys.

Source: ChannelSight

Power of Data

At ChannelSight, we understand the power of connecting transactional intent with your wider CRM, and the capabilities that this can introduce for your brands. Not only do the insights help you understand your consumer & their shoppable recipes journey better but it can also help you drive higher conversions.

In addition to getting visibility into your data, brands can leverage this data to build tactics and to identify the channels, campaigns and shoppable recipes that drive the highest conversions for them. The result enables brands to build an optimized eCommerce strategy and optimize expenditures on campaigns. Further, you will be able to blend the data between Google and ChannelSight to build a powerful combination.

Read some of ChannelSight’s case studies for in-depth insights on how the solution has benefited global international brands here.

Want to drive conversions through Recipe Content?

Do you want to make data-driven decisions that maximise return-on-investment from future marketing activity across all digital channels? Book a call to understand more about how your brand can drive revenue through recipe content. You can also get in touch with ChannelSight to understand more about their solutions.

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