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Content with purpose: how to license recipe content that fits your customers' needs

Regularly refreshing your recipe database to fill gaps, reflect seasons and leverage food trends has several benefits. Apart from the obvious SEO benefits of regularly updating your website with fresh recipe content, consumers are always on the lookout for new recipe inspiration to overcome cooking fatigue. Building a reputation for regularly sharing new recipe content gives new and existing customers a reason to come back for more, increasing brand awareness and revenue and fostering loyalty. Sourcing or creating fresh, reliable recipe content can be time-consuming, costly and tedious, so creating a detailed brief to guide the process when licensing recipe content is an important first step.

Here we explain why a detailed brief is the first important step when you are licensing recipe content to suit your customers' specific needs.

No one knows your customers better than you

A detailed knowledge of your audience demographics is a central part of any marketing strategy and that knowledge is key to curating a selection of recipe content that focuses on your customers' needs. When you are licensing recipe content from a third party rather than creating it in-house, sharing what you know about the customers you want to target with newly-licensed recipe content will guide the curation process in a more relevant direction. You may be broadly interested in 30-minute meals, but a curated list of recipe content that fits that category will look very different if your target audience is young families versus a target audience of empty-nesters. Knowing the age profile, location, income, family status, etc of your customers is the cornerstone of a brief that enables a more relevant recipe content curation process.

It helps avoid repetition

With 40% of people struggling to add variety to their weekly meal plans, keeping things fresh has never been more important for recipe websites. How do you add fresh recipe content without overwhelming your customers? Auditing your recipe content and using that information to fine-tune your brief to avoid repetition is a great place to start. If you're interested in sourcing slow cooker recipes, for example, and your existing slow cooker recipe content is heavily weighted towards chicken, your brief should reflect the need for alternatives. The more specific you are about your recipe requirements and your existing recipes in your brief when licensing recipe content, the less chance there is of repetition.

It clarifies small but important details early in the process

Curating recipe content that works for your customers and brand is not just about finding the right recipes. The company you source your recipe content from needs to know small but important details before the curation process can begin. These include:

  • How many images do you require for each recipe?

  • Do you require nutritional information?

  • Should the recipe measurements and temperatures suit a particular country? e.g. US cups and Fahrenheit.

  • Does the recipe content need to be delivered in a particular format?

It makes the process seamless and efficient

One of the big benefits of outsourcing recipe curation is that it frees up time for you to focus on other aspects of your content marketing strategy. A comprehensive recipe content brief gives the recipe licensing company all the tools they need to curate recipe content specific to your needs without further input. An incomplete brief results in emails being sent back and forth, Zoom calls and clarifications. It also results in curated lists of recipe content that may not suit your brand or customers' needs exactly which slows down the process as recipes are removed and replaced, meaning your customers are waiting longer for fresh content. In the ideal scenario, a comprehensive brief allows the recipe licensing company to do their job while you focus on yours.

Licensing recipe content from a third-party like Recipe Guru is a smart and cost-effective way to serve your customers the fresh recipe inspiration they crave. With a comprehensive brief as your starting point, curating recipe content that works for you and your customers transforms the sometimes tedious and time-consuming nature of sourcing recipe content.

If sourcing or creating recipe content is taking up too much of your time, we can help. Our recipe content is chef-authored, tested and cost-effective. Get in touch to discuss your brief and let's cook up something delicious.

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