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Why The Holiday Season Is The Ideal Time To Foster Loyalty In Online Grocery

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

People are more likely to order groceries online during the holidays. This makes sense. It's a stressful time of year and anything that minimises this stress is valuable to consumers. A recent report revealed that almost a third of consumers expect grocery shopping to be more stressful during this year's holiday season. In the same report (produced by ServiceChannel and shared by Grocery Dive here) half of shoppers who already buy groceries online said they plan on doing so more often during the holidays.

Seasoned grocery shoppers are not alone when it comes to increased interest in online grocery during the holidays. 46% of those who don't buy groceries online said they would be open to buying a fully prepared holiday meal online. This is an interesting one. These people are willing to trust their grocery retailer to prepare and deliver what is potentially the most important meal of the year with no prior experience of the retailer's online grocery experience. A good online grocery experience during the holidays has the potential to turn these online grocery first-timers into regular, loyal customers.

Loyalty is hard-won. 36% of consumers need to buy from the same company five or more times to before considering themselves loyal, while 33% must buy from the same company three times. Since many consumers will host or attend multiple holiday dinners, a great online grocery experience has the potential to win over non-online grocery shoppers in one season. Since Thanksgiving falls later this year, it's even more important to make the most of this opportunity to engage new and existing online grocery customers.

Even if 46% of non-online shoppers are only interested in purchasing pre-prepared holiday meals, there are opportunities to increase basket value once the customer is on the website. 38% of consumers say they have difficulty choosing what to buy over the holidays. Recommendations, personalised if possible, are key here. A customer may only be in the market for a prepared turkey, but they're going to need some sides to go along with that bird. How about strategically placed recommendations for pre-prepared side dishes? Or take things a step further and add relevant recipe inspiration for sides or even dessert with clear 'buy ingredients' call to action. Keep them engaged with targeted email marketing campaigns featuring delivery discounts, product recommendations and recipe inspiration to help get them through the next phase of the holiday period. All of this illustrates added value to consumers who might be sceptical about online grocery and could encourage them to try it out again during the holidays when efficiency and convenience are high on the priority list. Each return visit is a new opportunity to foster loyalty well into the new year and beyond.

If online grocery is to grow, capturing consumers when they're most engaged is key. Since people are more likely to try out online grocery over the holiday period, delivering an incredible experience at this time of year is even more important than ever.

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