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Why You Should Make Your Recipe Content Shoppable

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Updated: July 2020

A 2019 study by FMI into omnichannel grocery retail recently caught our eye. While almost 100% of food retailers provide highly valuable editorial content including recipes, articles, blog posts and videos on their websites, only 50% have made this content shoppable. When it comes to recipes, this is a costly mistake.

41% of retailers put 'improving the online customer journey' at the top of their list of priorities for 2019. No surprise then that shoppable recipes have become an important part of grocery retailers' marketing strategy in the past year. In fact, we declared 2019 the year of the shoppable recipe. As Essential Retail reported in November 2019, UK-based grocery retailer Asda was just the latest in a long line of grocery retailers to make their recipe content shoppable. By that point, shoppable recipe content had been available on their app for a number of months, giving the retailer access to valuable data regarding the benefits of shoppable recipes. The following data should give grocery retailers considering investing in shoppable recipe technology such as that offered by ChannelSight the comfort factor required to move forward with confidence.

Asda has found that:

  1. Consumers using recipe content to shop add three more items to their cart than when they shop without recipe content.

  2. Customers that use recipe content to shop move from below average spenders to above-average spenders.

It's clear that shoppable recipes increase basket value for grocery retailers, but as we've noted time and time again, this is not a 'build it and they will come' strategy. What's striking about Asda's shoppable recipe content is that your eyes are immediately drawn to the beautifully shot images before you even read the name of the recipe. They also offer white label recipe content alongside recipes by recognisable chefs and influencers. In doing so, Asda is not only making their recipe content seem more appealing but also building a reputation as a reliable source of high-quality recipe inspiration. Creating an enticing recipe page that encourages consumers to click into an individual recipe is the first key step in increasing shoppable recipe conversion. A simple recipe pop-up makes it clear that customers can add the recipe ingredients to their basket and also estimates the cost based on pre-selected ingredients.

The benefits of shoppable recipes for both consumers and retailers are clear so implementing them should no longer be an optional extra. Succeeding in this crowded space though requires careful planning to ensure recipe quality and create a seamless experience that will keep customers coming back for more.

Recipe Guru has just launched a shoppable recipes solution in partnership with ChannelSight. Read more about how we can help here and email to find out more.

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