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4 Statistics That Prove Plant-Based Is Here To Stay

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Veganuary is trending and we thought it would be worth taking a look at the state of the plant-based market. Plant-based foods have gone through a significant growth phase over the past number of years. Companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have led the charge in this space and have forged partnerships with major fast-food chains such as Carl's Jr and Burger King. Plant-based meats are finding their place in grocery store aisles too. The fast-food industry is (mostly) in and so are grocery retailers but are consumers ready to jump on board with plant-based alternatives? The statistics say yes.

Plant-based foods are now in 53% of US households.

The really interesting thing about growth in the plant-based space is that it's not solely driven by vegans. A 2019 survey revealed that just 2% of Americans identify as vegan. Even so, plant-based foods are now in 53% of US households. On the whole, consumers are not ready to give up on animal products completely, but it's clear that many are happy to include plant-based products as part of a flexitarian diet.

35% of Americans have consumed plant-based meat in the past year. 90% say they would do so again.

Much of the focus in the plant-based space is on meal alternatives. Criticism of plant-based meats has come from the CEOs of Whole Foods and Chipotle, but 35% of Americans have consumed plant-based meat in the past year and a massive 90% of those consumers would do so again. The challenge the plant-based meat industry faces when attracting the attention of meat-eaters is making the meat alternative appealing. Since 90% of those who have tried plant-based meat would try it again, it seems plant-based meat brands have nailed it in this regard.

Plant-based food sales grew by 20% in 2018, reaching $3.3 billion and outpacing other food sales significantly.

Plant-based foods might still make up a small percentage of overall food purchases, but they're growing at a faster pace than other foods, growing by 20% in 2018. Since the plant-based trend has exploded over the last couple of years, this is probably no surprise. Curiosity probably accounts for much of the growth, but since curiosity will only take a brand so far, the plant-based space has clearly gained a loyal and growing following.

Searches for 'plant-based recipes for beginners' increased by 85% year-over-year.

The plant-based movement is not just about popping a plant-based burger into a burger bun. As more and more people adapt their diets to include plant-based meals, Pinterest searches for 'plant-based recipes for beginners' increased by 85% between February '18 and February '19. Plant-based cooking is no more difficult than cooking with animal products, but for those who are getting to grips with what can and cannot be eaten as part of a plant-based diet, expert guidance is invaluable. Providing explicitly tagged plant-based recipe content is the ideal way for grocery retailers and CPG brands to add increased value for consumers. Uncertainty can often be enough to put us off trying new things, but reliable plant-based recipe content makes the plant-based diet feel accessible and appetising. This benefits grocery retailers and CPG brands in several ways, increasing basket value, fostering loyalty and forging a deeper relationship with customers.

In the market for plant-based recipe content your customers will crave? Our regularly-updated recipe catalogue contains all the plant-based recipe content you need to help your customers get to grips with this important trend. Email to find out how we can help you add value for your customers with delicious and engaging recipe content.

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