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4 Reasons You Should Be Promoting Online Grocery To Generation X

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

As a millennial, I know only too well that not everyone fits neatly into a particular demographic. (I am not responsible for the destruction of golf, for example.) Customer segmentation undoubtedly has powerful benefits, but generalising by age, for example, might mean missing out on important opportunities. Digitally native millennials have been the target of many grocery retailers hoping to increase online grocery adoption. It makes sense. They've lived most of their lives online and are comfortable with technology and innovation, so they are more likely to be comfortable with online grocery. You might be surprised then to learn that Gen X is increasingly interested in online groceries. The number of Gen X shoppers buying groceries online grew from 29% in 2018 to a not-insignificant 40% in 2019.

I'm generalising a little here (I know!), but there are several reasons why grocery retailers should keep Gen X in mind when promoting online grocery.

They're digitally savvy

With so much focus on Millennials and Gen Z, it's easy to forget that while Gen X may not have grown up with always-on connectivity, they're no fools when it comes to using technology to make a purchase. 70% of Gen X consumers will likely purchase from a brand they follow on social media, more than Millennials who clock in at 60%. In fact, Gen Xers are the heaviest users of social media of any demographic. They're also not afraid to search out the best deals and product recommendations online, whether in-store or at home. Online shopping has become a comfortable part of everyday life for Gen X, and there's no reason why they can't apply this level of comfort to online grocery.

They're going through a transition

Many Gen X parents (particularly the oldest of the demographic) will by now have sent their children off to college or watched them set up their own homes. This means fewer people to buy and cook for, but it's a transition that can be tricky for some. Cooking for one or two is very different from cooking for five. Beyond this, they may also be preparing for another huge transition: retirement. All of this adds up to a change in the way Gen X shops for groceries, making it the ideal time to grab their attention with online grocery.

They have disposable income

Although the oldest of Gen Z are preparing for retirement, the demographic as a whole will be close to reaching the top of their earning potential by this point. They may also have fewer expenses, giving them access to significantly increased disposable income. While several stores offer a free grocery pickup service, there's no doubt that the cost of grocery delivery can add up. Combine Gen X's increased disposable income with their potentially smaller grocery bills and you have a customer who may be willing to part with the grocery delivery fee in exchange for the convenience online grocery offers.

They're comfortable cooks

Years of cooking for themselves and their families will mean that Gen X is comfortable, even accomplished, in the kitchen. This is a generation that grew up with family recipes cookbooks rather than the access we now have to millions of online recipes. They're used to the tried and tested nature of recipes rather than the sometimes unpredictable nature of online recipes. Finding a reliable source of online recipe inspiration can be tough, so a grocery retailer that establishes a reputation for high-quality recipe content is onto a winner. Since shoppable recipes have just gone mainstream, now is the ideal time to leverage Gen X's interest in trustworthy recipe inspiration to fuel their increased interest in online grocery.

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