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Why More Americans Are Eating At Home In 2019

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

In early 2018, a Nielsen report suggested that Americans were eating out more than ever. We weren't surprised. Eating out has never been cheaper or more convenient, helped in part by innovative additions including self-order kiosks and 'grocerants', and by our increasingly busy lives.

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The tide is turning though. Home cooking is trending for 2019. In late 2018 a Peapod survey revealed that 77% of Americans would rather eat a homemade meal than go out for dinner. This doesn't necessarily mean that 77% of Americans are actively choosing to cook at home rather than eat out, but the same report revealed that 43% plan to cook more in 2019.

This is good news for grocery retailers, food brands and meal kit providers. An increased interest in home cooking translates to an increased need for ingredients. Since competition in the grocery sector is stiff, gaining an understanding of the reasons behind this recent interest in home cooking and leveraging that information to attract customers is vital. Here are four reasons why more Americans are eating at home in 2019 .

1. They want to save money

For 77% of those surveyed, the cost savings associated with home cooking versus eating out are a factor. Unsurprisingly, the savings can be significant. Data from Priceonomics suggests that ordering in from a restaurant is 5 times more expensive than cooking at home. You'll save on the delivery fee if you choose to eat out, but you're likely to spend more regardless. For some, the convenience factor justifies the extra cost associated with eating out. For others, the savings are too significant to ignore, particularly when feeding a family.

2. They're looking after their health

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51% of survey respondents cited health as a reason to eat in more often. From paleo to vegan, consumers are becoming more conscious of what they choose to eat. And while it's possible to eat a healthy meal in a restaurant and an unhealthy meal at home, it's undoubtedly easier to keep an eye on ingredients and portion control if you cook your own meals. Health