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New Year, New Customer? How to Leverage New Year Healthy Eating Trends For Increased Engagement

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

The festive season has well and truly begun. Thanksgiving is taking centre stage, and there's no escaping festive displays in store windows. At this time of year, tradition takes centre stage. This Google search data illustrates that we're creatures of habit during the holiday season.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Nostalgia plays a big part. If you're cooking your first Thanksgiving feast, you're most likely going to turn towards the foods of your childhood. Reliability is also a concern. Why try something new on such an important food day when the old reliables are so delicious?

In a way, we're creatures of habit once the festive season is over too. Searches for 'healthy recipes' peak during the first two weeks of January before dropping off, perhaps because warming comfort food is more suited to bleak January days.

As marketers, data lies at the centre of every decision we make, and content curation is no different. The Google Trends data above provides a very high-level indication that Thanksgiving and the new year present us with ideal opportunities to leverage recipe content to engage new consumers. They also represent some of the most competitive keywords in the food space.

Not all habits are created equal

At this time of year though, marketers are already looking forward to the new year, and for good reason. While Thanksgiving habits are firmly focused on holiday favourites, January sees consumers craving fresh inspiration rather than seeking out specific recipes. It's here where food brands and grocery retailers can use recipes to stand out from the crowd. We've previously spoken about the power of special diets in food marketing, and January healthy eating habits are no different.

Variety is the spice of life

Of course, healthy eating is already a year-round concern for many, but for those looking to kickstart lifelong healthy eating habits in January, variety is a priority. This is where food brands, grocery retailers and anyone offering recipe content can step in, giving consumers a reason to come back for more and building loyalty in the process. Competition for healthy eating search traffic is fierce and offering something a little different is key. Not just that, but since 'healthy' means different things to different people, it's vital to understand your buyer personas in order to curate appropriate recipes and target the right people at the right time.

Start with what and who you know

Fresh recipe content at the time of year when consumers are looking for healthy inspiration is a powerful marketing tool. Keep in mind though that it should be data-driven and highly-shareable, particularly on social media. Make it visually appealing, engaging and offer something unexpected that will speak to your existing audience and encourage them to share it with their network. Above all, make it sustainable. Instagrammable smoothie bowls are beautiful, but not necessarily attainable on a daily basis. True loyalty and engagement will come from offering healthy recipe suggestions that keep consumers coming back for more beyond the initial January healthy eating bubble.

Whatever healthy eating means to your customers, we can curate a selection of tried and tested recipes to suit. Our chef authored recipe content includes everything from sugar-free treats to healthy comfort food options, and we're here to make January a little easier for you and your customers. Email to chat about your recipe needs.

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