• Recipe Guru Team

3 Ways Recipes Can Engage Brick And Mortar Shoppers

It's not that long ago that analysts were warning of a 'retail apocalypse' on the high street, the inevitable result of increased interest in eCommerce and a lack of innovation amongst some brick and mortar retailers. Gap, Lowes, Topshop and CVS are just some of the big names that have announced store closures over the past few years. Grocery retailers have been largely unaffected by the retail apocalypse because until recently, e-commerce has represented less of a threat to grocery retailers than it has to department stores, for example. That was before the pandemic, which drove previously sceptical consumers towards online grocery in huge numbers. Online grocery sales grew by 43% in a year since March 2020 and there was a 16.3% increase between February - March 2021.

It might surprise you then that 33% of U.S. consumers are doing their grocery shopping in-store, 48% have adopted a hybrid-approach of both online and in-store and 52% of people have shopped for groceries in-store more frequently following their vaccine.

Brick and mortar is still a preference for many grocery consumers, but following a year of online grocery, their expectations will have inevitably changed. Recipe inspiration is an example of an area that is well-established on many grocery retailer websites but often lacking in-store, and it's an area that can add real value for in-store customers. A staggering 77% of millennial parents search for recipes while in-store so the demand is already apparent.

How can brick and mortar grocery retailers replicate the meal planning and recipe sourcing experiences in-store?

1. Recipe cards