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3 Grocery Retailers That Are Nailing Content Marketing

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Consumers crave content. For internet users who want to be entertained and informed, the source of the content rarely matters. Engaging content that offers genuine value to consumers can help influence grocery purchases and increase basket value. For grocery retailers, the obvious source of content is recipes. Recipes tick all the boxes when it comes to content marketing. They're engaging and educational and offer genuine value to consumers. They also act as the building blocks for further content, such as images and video. We previously wrote about the various content marketing strategies that work well for grocery retailers, and we've taken a closer look at three grocery retailers that do an excellent job of putting some of those strategies into practice.


Safeway excels on Facebook, where their regular Facebook Live videos attract thousands of views. The really clever aspect of these videos is that they often make use of experts, from dieticians to chefs, who offer recipe ideas and cooking tips. Since live video has averaged an engagement rate of 4.3% versus 2.2% on non-live videos, and Safeway encourages customers to ask questions in real-time, this is a winning content marketing strategy.


Waitrose website recipe section

Source: waitrose.com screenshot

Waitrose has curated a beautifully presented selection of enticing, shoppable recipes. For us, two things stand out. Firstly, Waitrose works with celebrity chefs to offer tried and tested recipes from household names such as Jamie Oliver and Paul Hollywood. These partnerships reduce the burden of content provision for Waitrose, while celebrity chef recipes drive traffic to the Waitrose website and can increase basket value by as much as 3.2%. Secondly, Waitrose has a prominent section of its website dedicated to video. 70% of millennials watch YouTube to learn something new, and 68% of millennial mothers watch videos while cooking, so Waitrose's decision to dedicate an entire section to recipe videos and how-tos is a smart one. And while Waitrose also embraces celebrity chefs such as John Whaite, and makes use of video on social media, they also display a clear understanding of the importance of User Generated Content. A recent Pancake Tuesday Twitter competition encouraged followers to share a picture of their pancakes to be in with a chance to win a gift card. Followers responded enthusiastically, and Waitrose benefitted from a variety of fresh User Generated Content that they could retweet. This content marketing strategy works well to make customers feel valued.


Tesco Food Love Stories campaign image

Source: tesco.com screenshot

While Tesco has also embraced the power of celebrity chefs in their Tesco Real Food content marketing, their most recent strategy involved using 'real' people and relatable situations. Tesco has taken an omnichannel approach to its 'Food Loves Stories' campaign, not only sharing recipes and videos on their website and social media, but also via television ads and in-store. Each recipe has a story behind it, designed to elicit an emotional reaction from customers.

When Nana's asked to look after her poorly grandson, she knows something that might just make him feel better - her 'magic' soup. Somehow it seems to do the trick, even though she sneaks in a few ingredients that he doesn't strictly like. But if he ever finds out, he won't kick up a fuss because it tastes so good. It's win-win for Nana: not only does the soup cheer her grandson up, she also knows he's getting a nutritious meal.

These recipes are also shoppable, making the process from discovery to delivery seamless - all through one piece of content.

Grocery retail is a competitive space. While price and convenience are priorities for consumers, a strong content marketing strategy that offers real value to consumers can help create an emotional bond and foster loyalty.